Navigation Suggestion - Desktop & Mobile

I will preface this with the fact that I like iGuide. I think it is a superior product and I find great value in it. However, I have some suggestions for a more fluid navigation experience. Desktop - I think it would be easier to navigate if I could double click to move through the rooms, similar to Google Street View. Right now I have to click the small arrows on the floor. I think a more effective and more natural way of navigating would be simply double click to advance through the space. Maybe the regions above the arrows would somehow correspond with where to advance. Also, I can use the mousewheel to zoom, and that’s fine. Although, it is very small adjustments. The mousewheel zoom could be more sensitive - it takes three spins of my wheel to zoom all the way. I think one sweep on the mouse wheel should bring it to full zoom. Mobile - I find it difficult to navigate through a tour on my Google Pixel XL. I wish I could tap to advance from space to space, instead of having to press the little buttons on the floorplan. I also feel like the floorplan should somehow scale because a big floorplan on a phone looks intimidating - all the pano dots are jumbled together and you really can’t make out detail. You can zoom by pinching, but a more effective approach might open it scaled for legibility and pinch out to see the entire property.

Just some thoughts. This is my feedback along with feedback from a couple of my clients. At the end of the day we all want an easy to use interface to make the iGuide platform stronger and better than competing solutions.

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Occlusions. I think this is the term to prevent navigation via arrows through walls? Please add!