Naming convention for downloaded photos

I was wondering would there be any possibilities to have numbers at the end of each photo name when they get downloaded from iGuide report to make it more understandable? My clients can’t use those photos because they don’t have any numbers at the end. (1, 2, 3, …) Every time I have to send them images directly.
It would be nice to have the property address & operator name to be part of the naming.


That’s a great suggestion!

I also have a number of clients frustrated with how the images are named when they download: the long string of characters in the file names is inconvenient for users.
There are also times when clients are discussing changes requested on photos: it’s hard to have a conversation about a file name when it doesn’t make sense in a conversation. It would be better if the files retained the same naming structure used for uploading, or in the case that the files are required to be renamed for your server storage purposes that they incorporate unique names related to the address or iGuide and ending in a number.

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I have clients that every time, I need to send their report with both MLS and High-res links changed to google drive links.