My own URL? White labeling?

Hello together
How can I remove all references of the URL to YouGuide and use my own URL? Could I even offer customers their own URL?
That means I would like to use my own brand and identity so that your users assume that it is my own system (white label websites).
Thank you.

There’s a couple of ways you could do it.

Find a hosting package that has sub domains you can make off your own main domain.

For example

If the realtor wanted their own domain name, you could find a domain registrar that sells domain names and have them point towards your website. making it for example.

Second Option

Sell hosting options and become their web administrator. For example “Jenn” from Royal Le Page Real Estate. She could purchase and a hosting package from you that has X number of sub domains to host those iGuides.

I do the second option with a Realtor that does single property listings for his sellers on his own website he’s purchased through me. Creates an annual income with the hosting and I charge for the build of his single site property listings on subdomains through his website.

Hopefully that makes some sense? The first option is one that I know another person does, but it seems far too complicated.

You can have your own url if you host the iguide somewhere else, but you will still have on the top right corner the iGUIDE logo and link to connected.

If you host the iGUIDE somewhere else be aware also that you cannot modify the virtual tour anymore and the iGUIDE will not receive any of the new features.

Thank you for your support.
It’s a pity that this is not easier possible. I hope that this could be a option in the future - I would be willing to pay something for such a possibility.

that iGuide logo that’s in the top corner with the link can be removed. That’s not difficult. Adding in a new logo, not easy.

I agree with @EvanH