Multiple buildings/Site plans

I don’t use my iGuide much, but just come across an issue I would have thought would have an easy solution as standard - I’ve shot a location with more than one building on the property, so done the separate buildings as multiple floors within one tour (fortunately they’re all only one story!) and when trying to work out how to have a map of the whole site, this is the answer from support:

“Displaying multiple buildings on one map is called a site-plan and we currently do not proviide this feature on our iGUIDEs. You can definitely have multiple buildings on an iGUIDE but haveing all the buildings on one map is not something we currently support. If you think this is something you or your clients would like to see added in the future, please consider posting your idea in the Feature Suggestions category of the iGUIDE Forum.”

Please upvote this or whatever so Planix make this a feature, I can’t believe it’s not a thing already!


I recall that some iGuide shooters were using a cool third-party system to show multiple iGuide views that were spread out across several buildings. I’ll see if I can find it.

Found it. @ralph posted this previously on these forums: Las Carcavas, Rocha.

That’s SO much better, do you know what that’s hosted with?
Thanks for your help!

Hopefully @ralph gets notified, but I believe he was using

Try searching for Ralph’s posts in the forum. He posted about his experiences with 3DVista.

Thanks very much!
I’ve not had chance to look into 3D Vista properly, but from that one tour, it looks like it doesn’t have so many of the annyoing issues present with iGuide - the most obvious one being there aren’t circles dotted all over the wrong places on the drone images! I’ve just completed an iguide for a client, who’s very disappointed that the opening drone hero image has circles all over the ocean, and when you click them you wind up in the lounge, or the bathroom, or any number of incorrect places!

Just realized I asked this same question today. We are located in Mexico and there are multiple buildings at almost every property that is not a condo. Casitas are a huge thing here.
They told me you could ask the drafting team to put a stairgate icon to easily “walk into” the building from the other floor. But my clients want it all as one floor. iGuide actually did a really good job doing what I wanted on my latest tour, but I had to go back and ask them to edit it again. Would be amazing if we could do this ourselves so we don’t have to bug the drafting team every single time!