Multi-select panos in Stitch

I know we can mutli-select panos in the pano tree on the left using control- and shift-click, but it would be more intuitive and handy to also be able to multi-select panos in the floor plan on the bottom right.

Is that possible?

Hold shift and hold left click to drag a box around the panos you would like to select.

Oh, nice.

Why didn’t I know this two years ago???!?! :grinning:

I’m going to host a webinar next week that explores Stitch in great detail. There are probably a few more tidbits like that one. :wink:


May be it did not exist two years ago :slightly_smiling_face:. That is why it pays off to read our release notes and Tech Updates emails (which we did not have two years ago).

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I usually do that but sometimes in the middle of busy days my brain is in cognitive overload and the new info doesn’t stick.

Can I suggest very brief (1-2 minutes) videos to go with Tech Updates to spoon feed changes and new features to operators visually?

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I’ve just reorganized the tech updates page. It’s much clearer and easier to navigate now.

I would be happy to make some videos as well. :wink:

Looks great. Thanks Chris.