Mulitple videos

I’d like to see multiple video links available. Planitar servers only have to store the Video URLs, so it shouldn’t be a burden on their system. A 3 minute video kicking-off the iGUIDE player delays access to the assets we specialize in, so if there’s a 15-30 second social media video kicker or an agent intro – then straight into the 3D Tour, that makes more sense as long as the Video tab has capacity to contain a link to the longer video. Why not allow up to 3 video links with one being the primary candidate when Video autoplay --> 3D Virtual Tour mode is selected?

This is an excellent way to start an iGUIDE - My friend Sherdan hands me his iPhone and stabilizer, and before he left the property he added the branding and emailed me the link to this opening video. Easy-peasy.

(Background - one of my clients is a larger photography/videography firm who subcontracts 3D Tours and Floor Plans from me. They’ve begun to offer shorter social media video clips along with longer more comprehensive videos in their packages.)

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That is an excellent idea Todd. I really like the opening.

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More videos would be great

I like this idea a lot. Being able to select an intro/teaser video while also allowing for other video URLs would be very helpful.