Mode 1 Type Measurements in Stitch?

New iGuide operator here. I cannot find a way to measure a distance on the floorplan within Stitch. I see that we can take measurements after the iGuide is created. This does not achieve my goal. If I am missing the feature within Stitch, please let me know where to find it.

If this does not exist, I would like to request it be added. Below is my use case example.

When aligning a larger home or commercial building, normal incremental error is introduced because the chain of aligned scans becomes longer. Most larger buildings have a long hallway that can easily be directly measured via a distometer. By allowing us to measure on the floorplan within Stich we could verify that the overall alignment is within an acceptable error amount over the entire building prior to upload and processing.

Requiring us to wait until after the iGuide has been processed to verify a measurement is inefficient. Also, the Stitch environment is much better for performing this task accurately. The plan in the web interface is cumbersome by comparison. It would be ideal if we could perform this type of due diligence prior to processing.

Thank you,


Welcome! It’s not there. Always be on the lookout for anchor-points at laser-level. A long straight hallway might have door-frames, window-frames, or utility channels running down a wall. These are the key to stiching. I always have light-stands in my vehicle, so worst-case scenario, you might need to insert an anchor (with extra panos wich can be turned-off) to establish positioning in spaces with no distinct features within 5-10m.

I do this for decks all the time. I lower the laser so it hits the railings, then take proper-height panos, which then align better.

Thanks for the info and tip.