Missing Stitch Data

Why is it we get a notification for everything on earth, except for stitch data errors, which lead to floor plans not being drafted?
I made a mistake and re-saved my stitch data after I had already uploaded the stitch file, but before I hit “Submit” and waited 2 days and the iguide was never processed. Agent calls and asks what is taking so long…Log on to find an error. Iguide, you’re literally not making money on the non-processed floor plan sitting there in no-mans land, so send us a notification that we have an unprocessed iguide that has been created. Literally no one will be mad for that email, and it would be greatly appreciated!

Had I immediately received an email that there was an error with the stitch data, I could have fixed it right then and not wasted 2 days. Very annoying for me, as well as the agents I work for.

Also, bring back the pop-up notification when you take still-shots…After like 4 years I’m so used to it now I panic and have to check after every snapshot I take ot see if it got created or not.

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I’ve not had the processing issue, but when my phone screen rotates, the shutter (still photo) button is where the pano shutter button was - so I sometimes think I’ve shot that 1/3rd pano (IMS-5) and rotate the camera. Maybe the programmers can add a shutter sound when a still image has been taken to differentiate?

Did the portal show an error with the Stitch data after you uploaded?

The portal seems to analyze uploaded Stitch data and show a result. I’ve never seen an error with my uploads but it looks like if there was an error it would appear here.

I was talking about in stitch. When you took a snapshot you used to get a little pop up notification that the snapshot was created and now it’s gone after the last update

If I just created an iguide, Why would I immediately go back to My list of iguides to look for an error?

I could keep checking back every few hours to see if there was an error, or, as i am suggesting, They could just send me an email that there’s an error. Wouldn’t that make a lot more sense?

This could easily be 100% automated. I like somebody would have to manually send me an email and type it out, It can be automated based on a triggering event and somebody could code this and probably less than an hour.

The “insight” status shows up immediately after uploading Stitch data. You don’t have to wait hours.

It’s a simple part of my workflow to check the status after uploading before moving on.

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I’ve actually never seen that screen. Once everything is Uploaded to a 100% mine just sits there. I’ll come back the next day and my screen is still sitting there saying 100% Uploaded.

It doesn’t change my suggestion that they could send a simple automated email if you’ve submitted an iguide and something isn’t right

Click Operator Actions > Stitch Data to see that status. I do that after each upload so I can sleep better at night.

It doesn’t change my suggestion that they could send a simple automated email if you’ve submitted an iguide and something isn’t right

That’s not a bad idea.

I was looking at my uploads in the last couple of days and that overview status appears immediately after an upload finishes. You don’t have to do anything to see whether the data appears to be intact.

If you’re not seeing those details I’d be thinking that something is awry with your browser. I would try uploading with a different browser to narrow down why you’re not seeing the upload summaries.