Missing Scans from last job of the day.

So ive owned the ims-5 and now I also own the plantix. But recently ive been coming home with missing like 30 scans on my last property of the day (it hasnt happened everyday but twice now). Its missing like the last 30 scans on that job. The other jobs from the day are fine. Ive checked the iguides been up to date,also reset it to factory settings. The only thing im thinking could be an issue is the USB card (which ive already formated when the other scans were missing).

The reason I know something weird is going on, is because we had a bugged scan last week. So we went back and re scanned those missing rooms on the same job folder, double checked the scans on site to make sure they were there and visible. But when we got home and the scans weren’t there again.

Anyone experience this? Im thinking of putting that usb on the side until I can confirm that its the culprit.