Microsoft Browsers

On a regular basis I receive calls from clients who are having troubles with the feature sheet tool. The issues always come from them using Microsoft web browsers, and having them switch to a different browser always resolves their troubles.
I’d like to have a better understanding of why the feature sheet tool doesn’t work using the Microsoft browsers. What is the actual reason?

This is due to treatment of cross-domain content in Microsoft browsers. When side-loading images from hard drive and fetching data from iGuide portal to make a pdf, they consider that mixed content as a security violation. Web standards do not cover that scenario in sufficient detail, so MS made a choice to be overly strict.

Explain to clients that the feature sheet creator is like an app, but instead of forcing them to download the app from an app store, they are constrained in which browsers can be used with it and the feature sheet creator explicitly states the MS browsers are not supported.

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