Mentoring question

I am looking for someone who might be interested in offering a little support/mentoring as I get myself up an running with the iGUIDE systems and processes.

There doesn’t appear to be anyone actively showing on the find a photographer page in the UK and I hope I might take advantage of that over the coming weeks and months to build my business.

I’ve done a couple of proof of concept shoots and would really appreciate the benefit of an established operator’s input if possible. Taking a look at the ones I have created, offering critique of the positioning, image editing (I have tried not to over-edit to keep workflow simple but appreciate they probably need a little more to lift them to a suitable level) grabbing appropriate stills (from the Planix or with a second camera?) etc.

Feel free to message me directly or by email to discuss.

Thanks in advance.

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You’ll need to take stills with a second camera. The ones grabbed from the planix will not be good enough, nor will they be from the best position. The tour “dots” should be in places that flow from room to room, thus not always great angles to photograph from for stills.