Measurements in Parentheses?

Hi - I just realized in the iGuide report that there are 2 measurements for each major room. One without and one with parentheses. They are only off my an inch or two. The measurements on the floorplans are all the first set of numbers not in parentheses so those are the ones we use for entering into the listings. Does anyone know what the measurements are IN parentheses? Thanks!

The parentheses are the measurements converted to decimal points. So 10ft 6in would be 10.5ft in parentheses.

Would be great if there was a way to shut those off, I think it looks cluttered and is redundant info.

@athenslevi501 thank you for your response. That makes sense! And @Clicky I agree, does look cluttered, and would be nice if we could turn that off…we don’t ever use them anyway.