Measurement Tools in Stitch

Is there a way to determine an approximate sq.ft. in stitch? If it isn’t a basic polygon tool to give an area would be awesome. I deal with large properties and the area before processing can be very useful for billing estimates to clients.

They already give you sq ft measurements for each room.

Hi . I meant in stitch before I submit for processing.

No, but, if you need quick access to measurements and don’t necessarily need a drafted floorplan, check out their RADIX product.

Since you need it for billing, just take a quick guess at depth and length of building. Multiply the numbers and you have rough square footage

This occasionally comes up in this forum. There isn’t a baked-in way to estimate square footage. You have to wait to receive the final square footage from the drafters.

What many of us do is base our pricing on that final measured square footage and make that point clear to clients. They often have a good sense of the square footage, so for my clients it hasn’t been a point of contention.

I have been doing that generally it’s just this time I have a large commercial space (60 000sqft+) with lots of “do these rooms but not these other rooms” type request so simple estimation on site is difficult. Not impossible however so will have to do it that way. Thanks for the input.

Ah. Unfortunately, there isn’t an accurate way to use Stitch to estimate the results. It would be handy to be able to offer an estimate onsite. (A few times per year a client asks about that.)

When I’ve run into scenarios like yours, clients have provided old floorplans and I’ve guessed at the square footage but made it clear that it was only a guestimate and that my final rate would be based on the accurate measurements.

60 000sqft+

That’s right up there in size. I think the largest commercial property I’ve shot yet was about 15000 sq ft.

Good luck! If you can share the results I’d be curious to see them.

Why won’t Radix work for you?

It prob would do but the site is so large I could be spending 300US for my estimate. I’ve been able to estimate using Google earth etc. Just a note I am yet to do an iguide for a real estate sale or rental. Really trying to break into that market. But it’s mostly commercial property management purposes for now.