Measurement tool

Hi - I am on Mac with safari and for the life of me cant figure out the measurement tool. I may not be a genius but if I am having trouble I can only assume my clients are as well.

Any feedback?

I’m on Mac with Chrome.

The measurement occurs within the floor plan, not on the image. I’ve been confused in that regard before, so maybe that is what you are doing. Use your mouse pointer on the floor plan only to click and drag, and the image will have a line show up on it that is there to assist only.

I ran into that too. I was trying to measure the image rather than the floor plan. That was the catch.

In v3 the image is darkened when in Measure mode to drive attention to the floor plan. Check it out, it seems it may need to be darkened even more.

On the very first launch of Measure tool the help popup is displayed and it is always available through the Help button if Never Show Again is clicked.

We will add a help video to the Measure mode help screen as well. Right now the video is available only on the main help screen, but it does cover the Measure mode.

There are two ways to use the Measure mode. In both you measure with mouse on the floor plan by dragging the mouse.

One way is to measure distances between features shown on the floor plan, like width of windows or lengths of wall segments.

Another way is to measure length of something that is located on a wall, but can only be seen in image, like a built-in fireplace or distance between studs if iGUIDE is done before drywall goes up.

For that second way of measuring, you need to move the mouse along the wall of interest on the floor plan and use the red line in the image to know where on that wall to start and end the measurement.

The image rotates when you move the mouse, so you can have the red line first coincide with one edge of that fireplace, then drag the mouse along the wall until the red line reaches the other edge.

It is an advanced measurement mode, but it comes free and only requires showing a red line, so it is good to have it.