marketing tools

Hi, I’m new to iGuide and I’m from the Netherlands. Struggling a bit finding the right marketing tools to show the iGuide on my website because everything is targeted for the Canadian market. Also that everything is in English for my clients isn’t very convenient. That means I have to create another report in Dutch. Which isn’t a big deal but maybe good to consider to offer different languages.

Hi Frederieke and welcome!

If you search for “Translation” in the Forum, you will see other posts regarding the same problem.
I, like all the other Operators outside English speaking countries, have the same problem. Already contacted the Support Team and also suggested the same thing.
Planitar is aware of the problem and this is on the list, sometime.
In the meanwhile, I have started to translate and do all the marketing material myself, taking only the parts I can use.
That’s it!

Vriendelijke Groeten