Manually sending iGuide reports

I’m curious if it would be possible at all to make a check box or something along those lines that would ensure that the iGuide reports are not sent out as soon as the draft/virtual tours are ready.

We recently moved towards outsourcing our photo edits and we’re now sending out reports without our photos attached. This causes a ripple effect of confusion and communication that could all be avoided if we had the capability to say “I will manually send this report out”.

This would be helpful.

What I do now is not add the agent banner when creating the iGUIDE. Once it’s completed and everything is ready, I add the banner and manually send out the iGUIDE Report.


This is exactly what we do as well. Fits our process nicely.

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There is a button during drafting that indicates who to send the report to. I think it’s under iGUIDE people. If you added the banner, just I click the box for automatically sending to the banner’s e-mail. You can still add the full banner as well as add them to receive analytics. In my process that simply leaves me to receive it, and then I review, edit if necessary and send the report to my clients.


Set master default to not auto send, then click add subscribers email in the IGuide people tab when your ready to deliver.

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Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Great point. Thanks!

I recently recommended a correspondence tracking ability in Portal that will allow us to see emails sent on our behalf to editors and clients. I hope this gets added.