Manage iGuide portal pains

On the iGuide portal, when you create a new iGuide, can you add a link that goes directly to the upload stitch data page? Currently you have to click edit iGuide and the find the link on the side bar because there is a magnet link to the bottom of the page.

When you upload the file, can the 2 stage upload be disabled? When you have multiple iGuides to upload, having to wait twice for it to process is annoying. (I have to do 7 today and it gets bothersome)

Also, once on the side bar, can a link back to the “Edit iGuide” page be added? Currently you have to go back to Manage iGuides and search for it again to get back to the main edit page.

The more iGuides i process the more annoying these are to go through every day.

We have the UI update for the create/upload pages planned in the very near future with the goal of simplifying the process and reducing the number of clicks required.

With that said, the “2-stage” upload process will remain, as the data is first examined locally by the client-side code in the browser and if it passes all the required checks, it is then uploaded to the server. To upload 7 houses in parallel, however, you can open 7 browser tabs and it is a recommended way of doing it.