Make iGuide Street View to First Photo in Google Maps

A while ago, I did a street view tour for a restaurant in Edmonton called Indian Fusion Curry House at 8208 107 Street. (The food is fantastic)
The tour shows on their google maps page but it is mixed in with all their other photos under the Photos and 360 tab.
I see other businesses, like Crave Cupcakes in Edmonton (7929 104 Street), where the iGuide is the first thing showing on the landing page under the Overview tab as well as the first thing showing in the Photos and 360 tab.
Is there something that I can do on my end or the client can do on their end to replicate this?

I haven’t have done this yet but I would suspect that the business owner needs to sign into his claimed business account and pin that 360 tour so it should up first.

Thanks for your response, Joshua. I am hoping it is as simple as something like that. I was just looking to have the right info to pass on to the client rather than have them spending time figuring it out.