Looking for recommendation- Monitor

I’m looking to purchase a new monitor and looking for recommendations. One that is great for photo editing. No Apple (I’m not set up with Apple) TIA!

I use a Sony X800H.

I use the BenQ 4K monitor. It is very tightly calibrated and warns you when it is starting to shift so you can recalibrate. Has other cool features as well as being USBC compatible.

That’s such a broad question without knowing your budget and your usage scenario.

You can easily spent $2000 (or much more) on a high-end calibrated monitor that’s mean for extremely color accurate editing. Or you can spend $200 on a monitor that might be good enough.

Monitor ports are industry standard, so it doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or not.

You definitely don’t want to cheap out on a monitor. Its a critical component to delivering images the same way you see them on your screen. I recommend an ISP monitor from benQ