looking for a damaged Ricoh THETA Z1 for parts

Hello operators and camera owners,
we are looking to buy a damaged Ricoh THETA Z1 camera for parts (or a very used one).
please respond with your price. Thank you!

We have a THETA Z1 we’d be willing to let go of for $600 and shipping.

The only issue is the battery is busted, but once replaced, it’ll work like a beauty.

I have one with a smashed lens. Second time. Stupid Ricoh tripod. I now use $15 wrist weights to keep it from falling over.

If you are looking for a replacement lens I will sell my camera. Other lens is still good. Ricoh is $795 to repair. In fact they wont repair, they’ll only do exchange for refurbished.

Have you checked whether you can get the battery?

After doing a bit of research I found a few third party ones you could get off of Amazon for pretty cheap

Just look up “Li90B/92B 3.6V 1500mAh, 5.4W Battery Replacement”

just got what we need. Thank you all for your responses

Thanks! Josro1234

Where did you end up finding one for bits. Would like to repair mine. Thanks!