Logos on floor plans


I’m getting requests for floor plans only. Do you guys leave the iGuide logo on there and, also, do you add your own business logo the floor plan?

I know some realtors like to put their own logos on there as well…

Just curious what other people’s process is here!

If you’re just providing the floorplan, there is no logo on it, at least none that i’ve seen in my years of providing iguides. You could always download the pdf and edit it to add your logo to it if you wanted to.

Hmmm - no iGuide logo, you mean?
There is one on all of my floor plans…

My last iGuide has the “iGuide” logo on the bottom right. Just curious, what do you charge for an iGuide floor plan only? Now that I have an iGuide, I feel better about offering an accurate floor plan vs. Cubicasa. I gotten more than one sideways glance from Realtors when walking around with my iPhone, lol.

There’s always an iGuide logo on the floorplans. Perhaps you are thinking of the floorplan that’s shown as part of the tour but there most definitely are logos all over the downloaded pdfs

I always strip all the detail off of the downloaded PDFs including room sizes unless the agency wants that information. I have to date never been asked by any agent or vendor for that information. I also supply the floorplan just on a plain white background and only ever occasionally put my own company logo on there.

So, I’m still figuring out pricing, but I’m thinking of setting “floor plan only” price at a little less than half of my price for 3D tours…
I know what you mean. I’ve used Cubicasa a few times and just didn’t feel very comfortable with the whole process. It does look kind of weird :slight_smile:

Interesting. May I ask what area you work in? Realtors here seem to want measurements (I’m in BC)…
So you’re saying you remove the iGuide logo as well?
I suppose you only provide the first page also, not the full report?

I live in New Zealand and no realtors here ask me for that info. If I do provide it then I provide disclaimers as well that it’s the responsibility of the interested party to ensure measurements are accurate. Yes you’re correct I never supply the report either.

Got it, thanks :slight_smile:

I charge about 25% less for ‘just floor plans’, because I shoot only as many scans as is required to tie everything together (I do more angles when a tour is included for better visual coverage); The scans I do are positioned for measuring efficiency, not visual appeal; I don’t shoot HDR (Planix); No exterior scans; Stitch post production is zero because no colour correction required and I ensure everything is aligned when shooting. Mind you IG is an add-on to my primary photo/video/aerial offerings- it’s a good value-add as I’m there anyway so why not make a few more bucks for another 15-20 minutes work. It’s essentially as much time as “that phone app that makes floor plans” but, you know, accurate :slight_smile:

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Would it be possible to have a chat with you?

Very interesting and insightful! Thanks for sharing. I want to use my iGuide for “just floor plan” add-ons too and never thought about using less scans. Do you still have to maintain line of sight with previous scans or can you spread out a little?

Spread out. A little hard to describe, but I position Planix in a room so it has line-of-sight to as many CORNERS in as many other rooms as possible. Theoretically, I can do one scan in the middle of a large room, say, where I can “see” corners in four or five rooms, then when I scan THOSE rooms I can position the scans to sync with the one visible corner from the first scan. Make sense? Doesn’t work if just a flat wall is scanned in other rooms, because no context for positioning. Corners are the key. So you can do like a whole floor using a minimal number of scans. Mind you the drafters might not take too kindly to this approach… Should also mention that Floor Plan only is a bit of a tough sell, because of ‘the cheap phone-based “measuring” app’. I sell it by saying “laser measurements are accurate, you don’t have to measure” (no agent ever likes measuring).

Oh also and this is helpful, when doing just floor plans I ALWAYS have the Planix pointed in the same direction for every scan on the entire floor. That way I can loosely confirm accurate positioning because all the arrows in the app for the floor are always pointed in the same direction. If any are 90 or 180 degrees spun, I know they are positioned wrong.

I’m late to this party, but my question is, are you still paying the same iGuide fee for floorplan only, as for a full tour?

The fee is the same. I keep the iguide on hand as an “upgrade” available to my builder or realtor. I use Aryeo as my content delivery system and they can easily purchase this as an addon later.