Locking iGUIDEs

My biggest iGUIDE user by FAR is driving me NUTS. She still can’t figure out how to request locking-off an iGUIDE. When she clicks “SOLD?” on the analytics report, it urges her to log-in. She will NEVER have time nor take time to become an editor, but she should have the option of reporting it SOLD without having to log-in. My suggestion is that when they click “SOLD?” that it either logs them into their account (if they’re an editor) or if they’re not, gives them a big fat “Request iGUIDE Lock” button for them to click. This is a source of frustration for many of my clients who every Monday have to ignore emails from Planitar!!! Please address ASAP.


Agreed. 100%. This comes up with clients over and over and is a source of frustration for some of them.


Yes, please, please, please add this. It’d make everyone’s lives much better if this was added.

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CONTINUES TO BE A SOURCE OF FRUSTRATION FOR ME AND MY (OUR) CLIENTS. Why doesn’t the big red SOLD button lead to “Unsubscribe from Analytics for 123 Main St”??? Nearly ZERO percent of my clients are editors, so this button is currently useless to more than 100 iGUIDE users. My wife’s an agent and she doesn’t want another log-in so she’s not an editor. After 3 years of purchasing iGUIDES didn’t remember that she could use the teeny-tiny “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the iGUIDE report email - and just today said “won’t that unsubscribe me from all future analytics?” Please fix this!!!

Further: given that unsubscribing doesn’t necessarily lock iGUIDE, please add “would you like to request this iGUIDE be locked and removed from Google Searches?”

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This would be extremely helpful. I’ve heard this often from our 100+ clients. They have to manually email me and new people are very confused.

A year later, I’m still on board with this topic being addressed by Planitar.

For many client, locking/unlocking iGuides seems to be a black hole of confusion and frustration.

I completely agree with your statement. The method of locking and unlocking on iGuide’s platform is exceedingly rudimentary, resembling a technique from the Stone Age. Many other suppliers offer a range of options, including public access with a password and private access for added security and control. Additionally, some suppliers even allow for the seamless transfer of models to other users without incurring additional costs.

It is imperative for iGuide to recognize the need for its platform to evolve and adapt to new techniques and the demands of users. By enhancing its platform to accommodate these advancements, iGuide can ensure its growth and remain competitive in the market.

Thank you for raising this critical concern.

Dear all,

We would like to express our gratitude for providing valuable feedback regarding the challenges faced by you and your customers in relation to analytics emails and the functionalities of Unsubscribe and iGUIDE locking. In response, we would like to share two Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) that address the points mentioned above.

  1. “Locking/Unlocking an iGUIDE” (hyperlinked): This article emphasizes the capability for agents to request the locking of an iGUIDE, even without a user account. Such requests will trigger a notification to the operator, enabling them to take appropriate action. This workflow ensures that only authorized individuals can make changes to the iGUIDE, preventing unauthorized modifications.

  2. “Protected Views and Viewer Lists” (hyperlinked): This article outlines the requirement for users to have a login in order to access iGUIDE links. By implementing this measure, only individuals whose emails have been added to the Portal can gain access to the designated iGUIDE.

Furthermore, we are currently deliberating on adjusting the font size of the Unsubscribe option to improve its visibility. However, if there is a need to lock an iGUIDE, we recommend clicking the “Sold” button and following the subsequent steps to generate a notification that will be sent to you.

Thank you for your attention and collaboration in this matter.

Best regards,

Planitar Client Success Team

The “SOLD” button prompts the user to log into an account they don’t have; therefore they either give-up and keep receiving unwanted analytics reports, or they stumble across the “request iGUIDE locked,” but more are in the former camp than the latter. What we need is a quicker more obvious facility to request that an iGUIDE be locked.

Maybe if they click on SOLD, they get a choice 1: “This property is sold so please unsubscribe me from reports AND archive the iGUIDE” 2: “I no longer want to receive these reports, but the iGUIDE should remain available”, and 3: “Log-in to my iGUIDE editor account to manage analytics”

The problem with “unsubscribe” is that the users don’t always know if it means unsubscribe from analytics for this particular property or “unsubscribe from ALL current and future analytics” or “unsubscribe from XYZ Photography services”.

Please do think this through and find a way for the least common denominator to make sense of this!!!

Thank you.

Actually, we introduced the ability for agents whose email is in the banner to lock their iGUIDEs without being an editor - they only need to have a portal account and login to the portal on clicking the Sold button, so that we can verify their email and prevent random people with a copy of Analytics email from locking an iGUIDE.

This was communicated in March 24, 2020 Tech. Update - just when Covid started and it was missed by many, including our support team which was much smaller back then. We will be updating the KBA to reflect this functionality.

Ability to Lock iGUIDEs From Banner Emails (Mar 24 2020)
We now allow the real estate agents associated with an iGUIDE to lock the iGUIDE directly if their email appears in a banner in at least one iGUIFE View and they have an account on the portal with that email. Now, when an agent clicks on the SOLD? Button in the Analytics email, they are redirected to a browser displaying the form to lock the iGUIDE. They will then click the Lock button and it will lock ALL Views in that iGUIDE, even the ones that do not have a banner or have a banner with a different email address(es). This new process is more efficient and empowering for the real estate agents and they now have the ability to lock their iGUIDEs without having to contact the operator.

Link to Tech. Updates archive:

Changing iGUIDE Manager will transfer iGUIDE ownership to another portal account. Any unpaid billing will stay with the original account.

Whether it’s an Portal account with editor status or without, it’s still NOT going to happen for many. I’m not the one refusing. I’ve tried to give agents and even their assistants control over their accounts by inviting them to subscribe for a Portal account, but 99% cannot be bothered. Please tell me how many agents have Portal accounts compared to the number of agent banners in existence. They already are identified as a vested party by their email appearing in the iGUIDE banner, so they should be able to quickly and easily request an iGUIDE lockout and/or analytics unsubscribe easier than that. I’m happy to confirm the iGUIDE lock-out when they respond.

This measure enacted in 2020 did not solve the issue.