Live sqft calculation

I’d love to be able to see an approximate sqft or sqm as I am shooting on site

I’m sure the AI pre-processing could spit that out, but I don’t imagine Planitar would want to open that can of worms. If it’s too far off the final number, it’s going to cause a lot of unneeded conversations What if someone hears the estimation and acts on it rather than waiting for the final number? The AI processor certainly isn’t going to be recognizing finished vs. unfinished spaces, so … what’s the benefit of having an inaccurate number 12-16 hours sooner??

I’ve been asked many times if I can provide square footage onsite, but everyone is willing to wait. While it would be nice to have an approximate number onsite, it doesn’t come up often and the turnaround time is so fast that no one seems to mind waiting less than a day (and often just a few hours).

And you’re right. Giving a potentially inaccurate number onsite opens a Pandora’s box of potential issues.