LiDAR Always On: Planix Update (A Love Affair)

Hey Everyone,

Not to start a new thread but I wanted to add something extra into the mix as well. I recently updated my Planix Pro and scanned a larger luxury house. Needless to say, it’s an absolutely fantastic update and I would highly recommend you do it as soon as possible.

I did have a few quirks however but I THINK I found out why?

I believe it was mainly to due with the 1/2 (Dual Scan?) Mode when I was outside; the Survey Said (Lol, “Survey Says ___”) Incorrect Floor Found or Project Not Found or something like that – the Software Froze and I had to shut everything down and reload the app. When I came back, I WAS able to start where I left off, but had issues trying to finish 2nd half of the Scan; had to go back and delete it to start over. It was a bit annoying, alignment issues with other scans, etc. (Anyways, it was getting a bit glitchy at that point. I do have a System Log file if the team needs it?)

The 2nd Half of this Topic is to pair this camera with a MonoPod for ultimate speed. I was so tired of smacking my tripod against everything to make a seamless virtual tour, or heck, even place the Planix Pro into spaces to measure. The monopod is essential.

Yes, it’s a bit wobbly but it is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to navigate through someone’s house full of breakable items and twelve thousand chairs. I find the time it takes me to stand with the monopod to ensure it’s done it’s wiggle-dance, is significantly reduced by the time it took me to collapse my tripod to walk around tight spaces full of table legs and etc.

 Pretty badass and quick now.  Thanks for the LiDAR update.

Could probably find a monopod with even a slightly bigger base, even one half the size as a tripod base would be nice. My tripods neck extends fairly long so i usually keep the legs short and just extend the neck. But this seems even nicer