Leaping across the room

Has anyone had complaints about the viewing experience from agents? I tend to agree with the ones that do complain about being disoriented because a viewer can be in the living room and end up outside on the deck with a single click. I think Plantar should survey first time viewers of the technology to see what their experience is. If you were actually at the location you would assume that you would to move from the living room (front of house) to somewhere at the back of the house you would take steps to get there. Viewers don’t know that to move normally you need to click on the floor to advance property through the tour. I think this should be fixed in order to get back the clients that refuse to use iGuide for this reason.


Two things:

  1. You can turn on an initial help/overview window for your iGuides that shows users how to navigate an iGuide. Where I am in Alberta, iGuides are very popular so I suspect that most visitors already know how to navigate them, so I don’t enable the overview.

  2. Some of what you’re describing can be addressed with your camera placement when shooting panos. Ensure that you’re using “line of sight” placements and shoot extra panos to guide users to physical logical areas. That’s covered in this video: iGUIDE - Line Of Sight, Overlapping Data And Examples - YouTube.

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I am unaware of the help/overview window for iGuide pop up window. Where do I find that feature to turn it on?


It’s under edit and options.