Latest Update

Is anyone else having issues with the latest update. I really don’t understand why Iguide decided to shut the live scanning view off. It has made scanning the small areas such as where the space of a fridge is, the closets, or even if your going to scan the top of the ceiling basically a shot in the dark. It was a function I relied on and now it’s just gone.
Signing into the internal wifi has beed an issue as well. It makes me sign in everytime and I have to do it twice.
Also having issue with Calibrating the unit. It’s like I have to calibrate the unit so it lines up into the corner everytime.
I agree with others, it does seem slower and I feel like I’m struggling more to put the projects together. I can’t even imagine being a new a operator and trying to start doing this.

morning. I’m starting new business with 3d virtual tour. for you IGUIDE is better than Matterport?