Latest on Air BnB??

Hello all. I’ll start with a Thanks to all the contributors to the Forum.

Next, I was curious if anyone has been able to use iGuide for Air BnB hosts yet? If not, has there been any timeline for iGuide to be able to publish tour links onto Air BnB?



Interesting idea

I am not certain about this, but I believe it’s an AirBnB issue not an iGUIDE issue.

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I think it is an AirBnB thing, but iGuide marketing should be in there knocking on doors to get our platform supported. :+1:t2:

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Its just an HTML code that they need to accept posted on their listings. Would prob take them very minimal effort to implement this into their website. Maybe they don’t want to promote this type of extra marketing for some type of unfair advantage. I personally would like to see a VT if im spending a ton of money on a rental.

I’m sitting here thinking that we could still share the iguide url on the listing and call it a day. The client might have to copy and paste. Just thoughts out loud

This is an AirBnB issue. They have to build support into their website…ditto with VRBO, etc. Been shooting short-term rentals for years. Have requested support from these sites for years. Never have I received a response from any.

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I wrote a how to, I’ve been an Airbnb photographer for over 10yrs


This is exciting….I would love to go around NE Ohio and work with all of the bed and breakfast, plus B N B in the area…how to you price your videos to this market?