Larger Home Than Map

Sometimes I find that the home I’m mapping stretches beyond the view the map allows. Is there a way to move all the scans over at once so I can get the far extremities of a property?

I had this issue yesterday and I created another floor. However, I don’t know how to merge two floors together to make a single floor. Hopefully that didn’t mess up my scan.

Appreciate some insight.

In Survey you can tap on the map actions button and select grow map. This will make the map canvas bigger and allow you to see all of your data.

Also, you can move rooms from floor to floor in Stitch by clicking and dragging the panorama folder from one floor to another.

Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate this. I thought about pressing grow map, but the confirmation dialog made me scared - I really didn’t know what would happen. I assume if I already have a bunch of rooms scanned and I grow the room it will keep all the rooms joined and placed the way they were, correct?

Yes, it just makes the work area larger. Honestly, I wish they’d just support pinching to make it smaller/larger. Would be easier. :slight_smile:

There are several map sizes starting with the default of 30m square. Grow Map doubles the map size each time, up to 240m. Doubling the map takes couple seconds to move/copy the data from the old map into the new map. Larger maps are a bit slower to process and render on your phone, but not too bad.

It is recommended to start mapping from the center of the building to make the most efficient use of current map size. If you find yourself mapping at the edge of the map, just grow the map and continue. Pinch-zoom works as expected, but does not grow size of the map.