Larger Font size for pdf floor plans.

Hi can iGuide consider having larger texts on pdf floor plans please? They are extremely small.


I agree. I think the trouble is that on a very large home, you need a very small text and on a very small home you need a very large text to look right. Love to hear discussion.


I completely agree. It’s something we’ve been hoping would be added for months now, the customization would be great to appease some of our unhappy clients, without having to edit the full pdf, and then disable all the downloads.


I’m coming back to this thread again because there hasn’t been any action about this from what I can tell! It’d still be very useful to have a larger text size. I also would like to be able to adjust the labels horizontally or vertically, or be able to move them around within the bounds of a space, so I can reduce the amount of messages/tickets to support. I often have to move them away from a premium object. It also seems the QC done by iGUIDE might not cover the room labels so this is another reason having that customization would be beneficial.


Completely agree. The floor plans are insufficient for real estate marketing, and its a problem that the text isn’t even legible. Agents have been asking me to edit and redraw plans. They need to hire a graphic designer and turn the floor plans into a selling point instead of an after thought.

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