Large tags, User/arial pano tags, text tags, Icon selection for tags. PLEASE

Iguides tags are great, but the following features would put it over the top. What do you guys think?

  • Tags in user/arial panos.
  • Ability to select different icons for tags in addition to the current circles. Please take a look at the attached image for examples. Kuula & Cloudpano do a great job of this.
  • Add text into pano that has tag functions.
  • Ability to make current tags’ icons LARGER. I can barely see them in some cases.



This is a great suggestion. I agree the tags are very small and oftentimes hard to see.

Having the ability to change the tags image would make a big difference on the tours.

Lets push for this change across the community.

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Love the idea!!!

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This would be handy. Much like Google Maps has a large collection of icons that you can use to visually label pin locations.