Large Estates - 3,500 each floor/level

Looking for help - I usually only do regular size homes - 2-3,500’ total on 2 floors/levels. I have a large estate next week which is 3,500’ per floor.level. I always open all the guts and walk around and scan, then set it back in place at the beginning and start the panos. Many times it goes RED in the back bathrooms area, and I am afraid to do so much space and the floor plan forgets where it is in the house? Any advise on doing large estates?

1st: Don’t be afraid. As long as you get all the data (3 HDR shots in those rooms) the floor plan can be rebuilt in post.

2nd: Take your time if needed. When things turn red, pause…turn automap off…back up and move the scan back to an area that it turns green. You might have to physically move yourself to a foyer or other previous room that you recognize to match things up. Once you have done this (turn automap back on) proceed back to your trouble area nice and slow (camera held extra level and avoiding mirrors etc.) so you take control of the scan.

3rd: Worse case your map is a little out but you have good solid scan positions and you have to rebuild and configure your plan in post.

Drafters are pros and know that your far bedroom is really not on the angle the map shows. They will make it perfect for you.

Your proposed property shouldn’t take you more than 30 mins to capture once you and the camera become one.

Good luck!