Lable Editing - Please

I know this request keeps coming up but please please please, make it possible for report editors to have the ability to add, remove, rotate and move labels on the floor plans. Yes the drafting team does a great job at it, but we’re all human and sometimes things get overlooked, and this feature could save time for everyone involved.
See attached: Area 1 - here the team previously has labelled Foyer, and the label marked “HALL” would be further up, maybe in front of the closet. Area 2 - I would label this as “MUD ROOM” or something similar indicating back entrance. Again, the drafting team usually does this already.
In this case, I can change the “HALL” label to say Foyer at the cost of a “HALL” label because I can’t add another label. And I can’t fix Area 2 how I would prefer it to be, because again, I can’t add labels. Seems silly to have to request an update through the portal and then wait for the team to correct it. I want to get my “homework” done early for the day and not have to delay my clients also.

Thanks Planitar, the drafting team and the support team for all you do!

There is a straightforward way to do this now. You open it in Adobe Acrobat Pro and select Edit PDF from the Edit menu. All the text will be editable. You can also add new text. You can also remove any iGuide branding.

It has to be the pro version. The free version does not give you edit abilities.

There are many PDF editing tools aside from Adobe Acrobat Pro. But that isn’t a full solution, since when you download and edit a PDF there isn’t a way to upload it back to the iGuide so that future downloads reflect the changes.

The changes should come from the source, like @Anderson_Ramjohn is asking for. That way changes propagate everywhere.

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Hi Kreece, I appreciate the suggestion. Thanks. Seems like a work-around but, considering the process, and cost, I think at that point it would just be more practical to report it to the team and let them handle it. For me anyway.

Leroy’s point is a good one. My suggestion will work if you are sending the file to folks. It does not solve the other problem of what is online.

Hopefully Planitar will listen:)

There are two types of labels: room labels which are placed automatically for best fit given various constraints such as pano circles (unless in a pdf) and floor/user labels which are movable (eg UP/DN labels). You can add as many floor/user labels as you want in iGUIDE Editor and move them freely. Room labels correspond to a room with its dimensions and room sqft and cannot be moved. Unfortunately, neither type of labels can be rotated by user.

Adding a label MUD ROOM would make it look like a separate room from LAUNDRY, which is not the case and sqft for LAUNDRY includes everything. Drafters followed Planitar drafting guidelines correctly in this case, but you can always request a draft update to customize and break the space into two rooms.

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@Anderson_Ramjohn It’s actually quite simple to add labels.
Click actions and add new label. That label can be moved to anywhere you want to place it.

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Hi Alex. Thanks for clarifying this information! I did not know the Add Label option was there. And if I can use floor labels as a label then that solves that problem.

I understand the rational of the labels with room dimensions, but i dont think anybody would be moving it out of the actual room. Just adjusting for aesthetics. I wouldnt have a problem with the Mud Room being a “part” of the Laundry Room. It would just be a label to indicate the back door area, and seperate dimensions would not be expected. Now that I know I can add a label myself, I’ll take care of it.

I guess the only (very minor) issue then is not labeling the Foyer, instead of “Hall”

Thanks again!

Thanks for that!

Hi Alex, as my client pointed out, the mud room is indeed seperate from the laundry room as there is a coat rack in the mud room portion and I don’t think normal use would have laundry being done in that area.
No update is required at this time, but in my opinion the drafters should have seperated and labeled the area as per attached… The red being the laundry, the green being the mud room. The blue is just to show the coat rack area…

For your consideration. Cheers!

Hi again Alex, here again is another example of why some kind of control on Labels would be appreciated. I am submitting a Correction request to have the LAUNDY label rotated 90 degrees so it is horizontal like the rest (and more professionsal looking). Also going to ask the move the STORAGE label a little to the left, as it is shown in the iguide (it is not in the Laundry area). It is also missing the door access to the storage area, btw.

The main issue is that my clients are promised a 24-hr / next business day turn-around. Thanks to the fast turn-around from the drafters, I am able to send the reports to my clients usually first thing in the morning before I head out to more jobs. Once I’out on the road, I won’t be able to send reports until I’m back in the office, which sometimes can be later in the evening. I’m about to send this one in for corrections and then get out to more jobs, so this one will be delayed until I get this returned corrected. This would not be an issue if I could have rotated the LAUNDRY label myself, and slightly moved the STORAGE label myself (notwithstanding the missing storage access). In this case it’s not a matter of dimensions because the sqft for the Laundry area was not given (understandably because it is under the stairs.

Again, submitted for your consideration. Thank you.