Knowledgebase suggestion

I noticed when you search for “DXF” or “cad” in the knowledgebase there are no results.

It would be helpful to have an article about exporting DXFs to CAD systems.

There is no export process. The only option for getting the DXF is to download it from your gallery.

I used the term “export” loosely in that case to represent getting the data from the iGuide system into a different system.

You can download from the DXF from the portal as well as the offline iGuide.

Thank you. He want to get the floorplan and add some extras like switches,…

Gotcha. That would be “import.” The data is already exported, you just have to import it into whatever CAD software you’re using.

No. I’m not talking about documenting an import process. Do you really expect the iGuide knowledgebase to document how to import DXF data into other systems? That would be pointless, given how many systems exist and given that those systems will have their own documentation, so that would be beyond any reasonable scope for the iGuide documentation.

I’m talking about an export + download process. This is about getting data out of the iGuide system so that it can be used elsewhere. When you go to a view and click the DXF link, the file appears to be generated on the fly for download. i.e. exported.

I’m not sure what you hope to gain by splitting hairs in this thread. The point of this thread is that iGuide’s use of DXF files should have a knowledgebase article.

I’ m not splitting hairs. I’m merely helping you understand what appears to be happening.

When you click on the DXF link, you’re clicking on a compressed (zipped) copy of the already exported DXF. There is no need for you to export anything. It’s already done.

In other words, there is no export process to document or teach. The export has already occured and its compressed output is sitting there on the webserver for us to take. The process of using iGuide’s DXF file is simply this:

  1. Click on the DXF link.
  2. Uncompress the file
  3. IMPORT the DXF into your CAD software

The point of my original post is that the knowledgebase doesn’t cover the topic of DXF files. Someone wondering about getting iGuide floor plan data to another system would not find information by searching “DXF” or “CAD” in the knowledgebase.

It’s a simple, direct suggestion for making the knowledgebase more thorough.

I’m not sure how your comments in this thread are in any way helpful. It’s just fluff.

Imagine trying to help someone and they respond by telling you it’s just fluff.
Enjoy your day, sir.

I didn’t ask for help about this, because I don’t work with DXF files.

Again, the point of my original post is suggesting that there be a knowledgebase article about the topic. That’s all.