Issues with Lidar

Has anyone had issues with the LiDAR not lining up. This just started this weekend and it’s not producing accurate scans the camera is facing the wall and did not move.

Yes, this happens all the time to me. the project still comes out great after you process.

I don’t think this is an issue at all the LiDAR shows the room but it just isn’t lined up on top of the other scan.
It could be nothing, it could be a compass calibration required, it could be the align button has been toggled.

The green point cloud outline is a realtime lidar view which is shown rooted at the last scan. It is not automatically aligned to previously collected data for every frame other than updating its rotation angle from the compass reading, which is noisy.

It is there for realtime feedback on what the lidar sees at the moment (e.g. inside an open closet). Realtime scan dispay can be turned off in Settings if you find it confusing. Once a scan/photo pair is taken, that point cloud gets aligned to existing data.