Is the Planix/Theta Z1 workflow similar to the Matterport workflow?

I’ve been on the fence about iGuide for a couple of months now and I’m about to pull the trigger to order the Planix Core (2021) to go along with our existing Theta Z1. My only hurdle is I can’t find out what the workflow is compared to MP.

First off… I’ve been doing tours with Matterport for a couple of years now. I’m lookin for a quicker solution w/o monthly subscriptions. With MP I simply scan the space, confirm each scan is in the correct place, mark windows/doors/mirrors and then UPLOAD the package to the AI to processing. Is it basically the same with iGuide except I don’t have to fool with marking windows/door/mirrors?

Thank you in advance for your help and support. I apologize if this is a common question but I did use the SEARCH function and could not find my answer. Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated.

Allen in NC (USA)

Alan please feel free to reach out to me tomorrow. I am in South Carolina and previously owned a matterport. I’ve been with Planitar now for several years. I have never looked back. I personally do not like the matterport format for marketing and I promise you Planitar is a customer centric company as opposed to Matterport 843-532-3214.

The Planix is ridiculously fast.

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Thank you SO much!! I will give you a call tomorrow. I’m probably going to go ahead and pull the trigger tonight on ordering etc. I’ve spent several hours today (horrible storms up here in western NC) going through the training modules etc.

I am looking forward to getting away from MP because they are officially going DIRECT after customers to offer their services. Good Bye :slight_smile: