Is it possible for clients to save an iGuide?

Hello all,

I got an interesting question from a client of mine. She is wondering is she can have an iGuide to show future clients as a 'show and tell" type of thing as a, “look at this virtual tour we did for this home” type of deal for their client. Is there anyway to save an iGuide locally?

Or is it just easier to just keep the iGuide up? Remove them form the stats update email and they’ll get rid of it eventually for a new one.

Offline iGuide loads with or without internet. Takes about 1/2 Gig folder on your computer, but when the “index” file is clicked, it prompts your browser to open and display the iGuide just like we’re used to seeing online. It’s not dynamic; if you make changes to the default view (or whatever view) it will not translate to the offline version. You could Even create a view where you choose an awesome 3D Tour, and then add a “best of” packet of photos from various properties and use that?

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You can download an iGuide for offline viewing. See

Your client can save it on their tablet, for instance, to make it fast and easy to show potential clients without requiring an internet connection.