iPad compatability with iGuide

I understand iGuide connects via WiFi, though I want to ensue there are not compatibility issues with older 2014 models of iPad before I buy a used one for interfacing with my iGuide.

As long as you can use an updated browser such a Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft edge. It should work just fine (as long as those alternative browsers are compatible with that old iPad) I had used my old iPad with a updated browser and it worked fine. However, it’s been quite some time as I upgraded to a newer android tablet. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to get an updated version of Safari on an older model of iPad but those other browsers are good alternatives.

I would recommend going to BestBuy ( or whatever equivalent electronic store ) and getting a inexpensive tablet. You don’t need a lot of power for it to work. At some point the older iPad won’t be supported tech with other browsers and could be a waste of money.

I spent $220 on a 8 inch Lenovo tablet( that also support my DJI app ) and it works perfectly.

Thank you.

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