Interactive photo hotspots

I have several agents that would love to have an interactive floor plan that has hotspots that bring up high quality still photos instead of panos. Is there a way to do this with the floor plans and gallery images? If not, I think this would be a great feature.

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I agree that would be the perfect feature for many of us who are delivering high quality photos. iGuide tours are great but it’s hard for some clients to accept the drop in quality when you have to go to the Virtual Tour.

This is how we deliver our media. The iGUIDE is embedded into a Single Property Website with other media. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the floorplan with hotspots of the images we took.

Nice, however this involves a considerable amount of work creating a single property website so the cost makes it prohibitive for certain properties, in my market anyway. I think what most people would like to see is the ability to use the interactive floor plan and have the option of showing the 360 images, or still photos. Actually I would like to see both. I have not tried this yet but maybe you can use a tag in a 360 to show a still photo. Problem is you would be displaying a so so quality photo with the 360 and something much better from a regular photo. Then you get a question from the realtor as to why you can provide nice still photos but not so nice in the 360 tour. A no win situation.

Creating a Single Property Website does not take a considerable amount of time. I have used several providers that have template based systems. The cost of each SPW is factored into the fee of the photoshoot. It also depends on who your client is and what they will do with the content that you provide. If you only provide the iGUIDE and/or still images then you are limiting your revenue stream. The more tools you have to offer your client the better your return will be.

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