Insurance and Restoration

Has anyone gotten much going with insurance and restoration? I’m located in central Alberta and have only been doing jobs for realtors so far.

There’s not much of a market for an iGUIDE-only service, as carriers still need to value the service. I am an independent insurance adjuster using Planix Pro for my flood claims. Unless the loss is significant, there’s only a little meat on the bone for the additional expense of subcontracting the scanning.

I was introduced to iGUIDE by a restoration contractor. The value is to me for measurements, photo documentation and post-inspection estimate preparation. It’s great to share with team members.

Dafrank, I am also a flood adjuster and just started using iGuide. What package do you use?

Suppose the loss has a lot of cabinetry, Premium, plus the ESX. Otherwise, I use Standard plus ESX. I add all plumbing and appliances. I adjust door and window sizes.

Yea i do 100% all my work for insurance agencies. I am a Fire investigator and contract my services out to various national and local insurance companies to provide Origin and Cause determination and look for potential subrogation. I use my camera on every structure before i go in and dig and look through the remnants.

Its a GREAT tool for that and makes all the blueprints for me, measures rooms, and allows me to give a way better visual of a single or multiple photos.

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