Initial Room lines on Planix/Survey at Start-up

Would it please be possible to bring back the room’s wall lines when the Planix LiDAR first initializes? What used to happen was after a new project was created, and a floor was added, the survey app would show in realtime what the LiDAR was seeing. This made it so convenient to get a bearing in a property… ie: having the front of the property on the ‘top’ of the survey app by pivoting the Planix on the tripod head before taking the first scan. For me, this made navigation throughout a property (especially large ones) much more easier and also helped to prevent missing spaces that need to be scanned.

I understand it was taken out to prevent the LiDAR from running all the time to save the battery but I would gladly sacrifice the bit of power loss to have that feature back… or at least an option to use it.

In trying to save the battery, the LiDAR is turned off and now seems to have to ‘warm up’ at each press of the scan button in Survey. I’ve timed scans at 8.4 seconds from the time the shutter is pressed in the Survey app to the time of the first ‘beep’ notification from the Planix. I tested this in bright lit spaces and still there is a pretty big delay. Seemed to me it was a lot faster in the older firmware.