Increase size of slider handles

The latest version of Stitch has changed slider handles.

Can we please have larger handles? On high-resolution/high DPI screens the handles are very small.

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Totally agree with the point! Especially when you have your global UI set to dark mode, the handles are practically invisible in the new version.

FWIW, I almost never use the handles. I just click anywhere to the left or right of a handle (green circle areas on attached image) and it indents by a small-ish amount. “Click click” usually gets me to where I want to go. I never drag.

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Interesting. Had not noticed that ability to this point. I will have to give it a try later. Thanks for the tip.

I ‘discovered’ it by missing the teeny handles :wink: And feature request time: the indents (amount it moves when you click on the line) is usually fairly agreeable; the only time I click + drag is for big moves, ie. get rid of most yellows. I would request a keyboard shortcut, whereby when I SHIFT+Click it moves a greater amount, say 2 or 3 times the usual small amount. This is how the sliders work in many other applications. CTRL+click makes smaller indent movements, ie. fine tuning (probably not needed here, except for us OCD types)

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If you have mouse with a scroll wheel, here’s the easiest and most productive way that I’ve found to use the Stitch sliders:

  1. Hover your mouse over a slider (unlike Lightroom’s sliders, there’s no need to click a slider first – just hover over it).
  2. Use the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the slider value. Rotate the wheel faster for larger adjustments, or slower for finer adjustments.

Combine that with the Next and Previous keyboard shortcuts to move between panos and tweaking pano colors takes me a couple of minutes per property, tops.

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I am going to have to dig into the keyboard shortcuts, I wasn’t aware of the N and P keys working that way! That’s going to save me a TON of time. Thanks Leroy :+1:t2:

You’re welcome.

Definitely use keyboard shortcuts. They are a huge timesaver! Here’s how you get to them.