IMS_5 glar issue?

Is anyone else getting pink glares from their IMS-5 when near needing to pace under lights? I sent for repair and they are saying it is a common issue? It really look like their was something loose inside my lens that was causing this issue.

Are there any nicks or abrasions on your lens? One of my IMS-5 lenses has a tiny nick that doesn’t visibly affect the panos unless that camera is directly under bright, direct lights (e.g. pot light). Only then is there a small redish spot.

It looks like there was someone loose internal on the lens. We get this under can lights and under lights in stores we cant avoid.

Iguide is saying its normal? Do you get this on all you ims-5s or just the one with a scratch?

The only time I’ve seen something like this was in those very specific conditions when the light would hit the nick on the lens in a specific way. (The nick was my fault. It wasn’t there originally.) The solution was to move the camera placement slightly so the nick wouldn’t get illuminated.

The spot you posted appears to be larger than the spot I ran into so I don’t know if it’s a similar issue.

I get them occasionally too. I have been lucky enough to be able to photoshop them out. But is more work than it is worth.

This situation is not a camera problem. If possible, you should always try to send the light beams somewhere other than directly on the camera lens. That should fix the problem.