IMS-5 For Sale - NEW $1500 NASHVILLE, TN

Located in NASHVILLE, TN
Still in original box & Roadcase
This is an awesome firm price for a new camera, please don’t ask for less.

Additionally, this is not meant to be a Discussion Posting, I am simply posting this camera for sale - please do not engage in creating a conversation about this or that unless you are interested in purchasing a brand new IMS-5. - Thank you kindly.

I already use an IMS-5 and purchased a second camera as I was planning on adding a second operator in my business. I am shifting careers and no longer need the second camera system.

IMS-5 vs Planix: As an operator, the most notable pros & con’s between the two I’ve read from other operators are:

  • The Planix auto-aligns panos more efficiently, which is a slight time saver in production;
  • You have to leave the room for EVERY SHOT with the Planix, but NOT for the IMS-5; that’s a LOT more travel on location with a Planix, especially for larger spaces that warrant or require multiple shots (imagine doing a factory/warehouse floor);
  • Planix reportedly does not do well with advanced measurement modes #2 & #3 because of a blur/fog issue in the pano midways.

Mainly, I’ve not upgraded to the Planix because I know that reducing the travel on-location time is more efficient for the data collection process and less-intrusive to the client. I just don’t want to imagine having to leave the room to take a shot only to return to the camera to relocate it, and repeat that dance for an entire building. I also don’t want to do that dance in the presence of a client.

It has only been taken out of its case twice: once to inspect it on arrival to update the firmware & settings and once to remove the battery to keep the battery in rotational charge cycles to keep it in optimal operational condition.

Willing to drive up to 2 hours outside of Nashville to deliver, otherwise, you’ll have to visit Nashville or pay for shipping.

I am an IMS-5 user, enjoying some of the manual features and image quality.

I believe there is a 180 feature for operator to stay behind the camera, then rotate over and do another shot and complete the scan…it’s a 2 step process instead of the IMS-5’s 3 step rotation.

From what I have gathered speaking to peeps who used both, Planix is noticeably faster…but I still like the image quality on the IMS-5 and have a pair of them.

Notably, it is likely repairs on the IMS-5 are limited due its discontinuation a couple of year back and lack of parts.

May be a Planitar rep can chime in here and correct me if wrong…

Amir suffering 70 degree winter in San Diego :grinning:

I too have both cameras. But finding most clients are not noticing the difference in quality. I have used the theta camera for zillow tours too and easier when i get 360 image orders without the tour.

So im selling my ims-5 thats is in great condition. I do notice a glare it creates if camera is directly under a light. So note that. But iguide said its just the way the camera is and nothing wrong with it. I had sent it in to get cleaned and examined. They did update the cord and sent it back. I haven’t used it since.

So having a spare camera is a good option if you like the camera. I’m in ohio and willing to ship and sell for a fair price!!

If you would like to purchase/sell a system that is not the one I posted to start this thread, please post your replies in their respective threads instead of this one. It’s too confusing trying to figure out who has what and who wants what, when threads are being hijacked.