Improve iGuide search function on portal

Would it possible to improve the search function under My iGuides to make it more intuitive? Currently if you don’t type in the address exactly as its on the iguide you get no results – agents are notorious for asking you to do changes for “my listing on xxxx street” with no street number. It would also be helpful to be able to search by agent name as well as by address.

You’re trying to be too precise. SeRch will match partials from the address field. If you’re looking for 1856 st Joseph just put in Joseph If you have 3 on a street with Joseph and 1 on Josephine they’ll all show up.

It’s also not case sensitive so you could type joSEph

If you have an agent who does this regularly, make them an editor and allow them to make changes themselves. And what changes are they asking you for? The most I usually get asked for is to disable an iGuide because a listing sold. Most don’t even do that as they use the past iGuides as marketing for future listings. I’ll occasionally have to correct an address I typed in wrong or something like that but, all-in-all I rarely have to go make changes.