Importing THETA 360 images into an iGUIDE Floor

I have a Property Documentation project:

The main floor is the retail space, they need this mapped for architectural/ construction planning needs, this is done with the iGUIDE camera system (IMS5);

They also need images of the Plenum (space above the drop ceiling), these images were done with a Theta 360 camera.

Q1: I would like to import the Theta 360 images into the iGUIDE as a “Floor” called “Plenum”, is there a way to do this on my end? Similar as to how I add iGUIDE 360 images (neighborhood features/ exteriors/ etc) with no mapping data as a separate floor.

Q2: If I add them in the Pictures folder, will they be viewable as 360 images or the stretched flat view?

I would like an answer from the iGUIDE staff asap as this is a realtime request, or should I process this request in the support system?

@DraftingTeam @Chris

UPDATE: I have learned that this can be accomplished by using the User Pano feature in STITCH.

STITCH > Main Building > Create New Floor > ||: RightClick > Add User Pano > Select 360 Image > :||

NOTE: You must edit the floor before exporting to move each pano apart from the other or you will get an PANO OVERLAP ERROR on export.

This should create a FLOOR with the 360 images viewable in the iGUIDE Viewer.