Iguide without toilets

I have recently shot both still photos and the iGuide virtual tour for a client who insisted not to have any toilets in their picture. I explained how the iGuide requires to shoot the room for measurements at least but allows removal of the imaging prior to drafting. In the still photos, naturally this can be framed without, but I don’t see a practical way to do so with the iGuide, short of just showing that part of the bathroom with just a still or cropping later. Any other thoughts would be helpful.

That’s an odd request. I can’t say that I’ve had anyone request that.

A couple of options come to mind:

  1. Like you said, disable the view for the bathrooms, but that’s not ideal since many people want to see bathrooms.
  2. Position the tripod and camera right over the toilet. But that’s not the most hygienic and might draw attention to the lack of toilet.

I would try appealing to the realtor to show the full bathroom. Humans use the can – what’s the big deal? :slight_smile:

Hi LeRoy,
I absolutely agree. I thought the question would be unique to post and was right. She’s rather adamant and very successful as a leading realtor in her hi-end area. She approves all the agent’s photos and makes the changes as she see’s fit. If I could have swung the tripod over to compensate I would have but counters were in the way. I thought may be a bit of a challenge but she would rather block it of. In one of the recent cases for the master bathroom, it would mean you can’t view it in a tour. I guess I’ll soon know what she expect to do. :roll_eyes:
Thanks for the reply.

If you cannot just hide that pano in iGUIDE and need to show a partial view, you could make 1 of 3 fisheyes black or grey in Photoshop (assuming the toilet was in the center of that fisheye) before importing into Stitch, so that it is not treated as a partial pano. But that pano will look ugly with 1/3rd of it being black or grey.

Thanks, Alex. Unfortunately she would rather remove the pano I bet, than too change the image quality.

Well, that’s a predicament. I find some of the more successful realtors have very particular ways of doing things that have gotten them to where they are and they don’t want to change.

Good luck with this situation. I’ll be curious to hear how it turns out.

Sotheby’s has a policy for their still photography - not to show any toilets…