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Well folks,

I have a new Matterport competitor in town. As I am also just getting started (one month in business) I have actually assisted him with the leg work I have done introducing 360 tours etc.

What can the successful iGuide folks in here offer as suggestions to help me address this new competition.

Some of my clients prefer the way Matterport introduces the home with a full address and prefer the operation of the tour? I would really appreciate some suggestions to address these comments




Hi George,

I started long after Matterport had shown up in my area. I was a floor plan creator already, and that is why I like iGuide so much.

I think the iGuide delivers a complete package and Matterport does not. If my competitors added a floor plan and photos to their Matterport fee, their price would be much higher than my own. Floor plans are becoming the norm and realtors need them. This gives us a huge leg up. Also, for me, I much prefer the iGuide 3D tour. I like iGuide better because I can always see which room I’m in and how it relates to the rest of the floor. With the Matterport I feel disoriented and am never quite sure what the whole floor looks like.



iGuide and Matterport solve two different problems and hence deliver different solutions.

Matterport tried to take real environment and how you interact with it (walk) and replicate that experience in the computer, creating virtual reality.

iGuide tried to empower users and give them more than what is available in real environment creating an efficient way to understand unknown spaces. iGuide augments virtual reality with additional data - floor plans that help you understand the environment and navigate through it in ways not possible in real life. You always know where you are in the space and can teleport anywhere you want on the floor plan instantaneously.

If you need to get from NY to LA, Matterport gives you shoes and iGuide gives you a jet. As for the dollhouse view, its novelty wears off very quickly and users lose interest very fast, that is the feedback we are getting all the time at trade shows. Another aspect agents do not realize without first hand experience is that with Matterport they have to babysit a photographer for 3 hours onsite and only one hour with iGuide.

And then the whole measurements and reporting aspect of iGuide, especially in Alberta where you are. For agents getting defensible square footage from Matterport data may be very problematic.


The most common comment I receive is that users tend to get lost in a matterport model. The interface makes sense for a lot of people, but not all people. Those who don’t “get it” get lost and give up. They don’t come back.
iGuide makes sense for all people. It’s always obvious where you are and how to get to the next space you want to explore. People don’t get lost. People come back.
Add the high degree of accuracy, measurements, reports, photo gallery, video options, etc and iGuide delivers a complete package.


Thank you Alex,

Fantastic reply and I will use your NY to LA scenerio in conversation with my clients. Great way to cover the differences in product.




Thanks Michael

I agree with you specifically regarding the fees. My new competition is making a lot of promises he won’t be able to keep long term. I want to address his business as professionally as I can.




I believe the biggest selling points of the iGuide system over Matterport is a full package at a lower price, less time on site, quicker turnaround time (in Toronto at least from the feedback we have had) and the load time on mobile devices is faster and simpler to use.

Some agents want the latest flashy experience because they think it adds value to their brand and helps to win a listing but Matterport lacks many key features as mentioned in this and previous posts.


We have many Matterport dealers in my area. Here is how I win when I’m involved in competing with them:

-Quality - iGuide provides much better quality.
-Time on site - Takes approximately 1 hour for ever 1,000SqFt a Matterport scans. You do the math.
-Navigation - When people first see the, “dollhouse,” view, they think it’s great. Then they start to use it and come to hate it.
-Floor Plans - Every iGuide customer gets one.
-Support - I looked long and hard at Matterport before buying an iGuide. The Planitar people BLOW AWAY the Matterport people with support. The Matterport people are arrogant and couldn’t care less about the dealer. This shows in the quality of the experience with the dealer.

When people see the difference in quality they’re already sold. When you tell them how long the Matterport takes, they’re REALLY sold. The only reason I ever lose a deal to Matterport (if I do) is because the dealers here give away the Matterport–have had one woman doing them for $99.


100 % behind you regarding support… well done iGuide support team!

Thanks for the feedback