iGuide vs Matterport (Walk through Video)

I believe iGuide is better than matterport in every way but recently I have lost a few clients because they are so in love with a feature that matterport offers and iGuide doesn’t:

  • Having a walk through video of the house which goes from one Panaroma scan to another along with rotations.

Is iGuide planning to add this either as a free or paid feature?

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Good morning. Unless I am misunderstanding this feature is already present not as a video but as an automatic play function.

Personally I disable it by default for all of my tours for the simple reason that in my opinion it is intolerably slow. @Alex
I would re-enable and use it if the panoramas went through at a much faster speed.( maybe make the default rotation speed adjustable) The key thing about this feature though is that if you want it to work so it flows well at the user end you need to make sure that the panoramas are in the natural flow in stitch as they are presented in that sequence. In other words if the bathroom is on the way from the foyer to the kitchen but you shoot the bathroom after the living room you will
need to drag the bathroom pano into a spot between the foyer and kitchen pans in stitch.