iGuide vs Matterport side by side graphics?

Can someone in marketing create a side by side graphic of iGuide vs Matterport?

I believe this would be a super powerful marketing piece we could use for social media and marketing to our base of Realtors. Especially in this time right now.

My business was busy before and in the last 2 weeks. The increase for iGuide’s has gone through the roof. I’ve been making videos of how important iGuides are right now.

However, I am so busy it would be great to have some more marketing assets in my tool belt. Yes, I am busy, but that doesn’t mean I am going to stop marketing. In fact, I am marketing more than ever before and most of it is organic.

So, all you creatives out there that would love to throw your hat in. Let’s see some comparisons in as many aspects as possible. Blog posts, side by side graphics, video, tik toc, etc.


P.S. I am not lazy, I am just shooting from sun up till sun down and would love a helping hand :wink:

Check with @Michael at Planitar. A couple of years ago he sent me a comparison document. I’d share the version I have but I’d guess that it’s been updated by now.

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This would be great. They should also compare it to Zillow 3D Home Tours as we’re doing a lot of those as well because they’re cheap. Some people are actually doing them for free since Zillow doesn’t charge us for them…yet.

But would be a great way to compare the most-common 3D Tour technologies out now. We’ve definitely done a LOT more 3D tours in the past week than we normally do and getting a LOT more inquiries…

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Have you tried googling for Matterport alternative? You can find some content there that you can re-use.

I recommend studying the Media section of our website. You can find tons of articles there which you can share with agents.

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Hello Alex,

I have and was looking for some updated graphics especially during the Covid-19 situation. A lot of realtors are doing Matterports and want to put out on a social a very simple straight forward side by side graphic.

I’ve been doing plenty of iGuides, however I never stop marketing :slight_smile:

Yes, but we need updated side by side graphics for those who don’t like to read…which is most realtors! I know, I used to be a realtor.

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I have lots of agents asking the same thing now. Perfect timing for an update so we can convert those wanting to try a 3D tour