iGUIDE Tags - Try Beta Version Now

Hey everyone,

iGUIDE Tags is available for testing! It’s live on manage.youriguide.com right now for anyone to experiment with.

iGUIDE Tags will enable the user to view additional information within the iGUIDE tour. Tags can be seen as visual markers on the 360-degree panorama, that the user can click to view additional information while virtually touring the property. This information could take various forms, as below:

  • Text

  • Images

  • Video

  • Web Content

This exciting new feature presents you with endless possibilities and has varied applications depending on the industry or sector where it is being used. Limited only by your imagination and what you can create using videos, graphics, and text, tagging can lend an altogether new dimension to your iGUIDE tours.

You can find the Tag Editor under the iGUIDE View tools:

Please be aware that this is a beta version of iGUIDE Tags and may change before the official launch. Any use of iGUIDE Tags while in beta is done at the user’s own risk. Should you encounter any bugs or would like to provide general feedback please create a support ticket and let us know.

To use the Tag Editor follow the instructions below.

With the Tag Editor on-screen:

  1. Click the add a tag button

  2. Place a tag on the 360 degree image using 1 of 3 modes. More information below.

  3. Customize the tag by clicking the pencil icon next to the tag found in the tag list. You can add text, a YouTube link, a URL, change the title, etc.

  4. Click the blue save button at the bottom of the screen.

Tags can be placed in 1 of 3 modes represented by the number icon above the add a tag button.

To place a tag in Mode 1 double click on the image in the location where the tag should be placed. An icon will appear on the floor plan indicating the tag’s position. Tags placed in Mode 1 are placed along the walls defined in the floor plan.

To place a tag in mode 2 click the mode selector icon and select mode 2. Define a wall by clicking and dragging on the floor plan. Double click on the 360 degree image to place the tag on the wall you have defined.

To place a tag in mode 3 click the mode selector icon and select mode 3. Double click on the 360 degree image in the location you would like the tag to be placed. Select a different panorama on the floor plans and double click in the same position.

Please provide any feedback regarding your experience through the iGUIDE support desk by creating a support ticket and please include Tags in the title. Feedback can include likes, dislikes, bugs and general comments.


This is great! Thanks, Team! Is it possible to link a Vimeo video as well or only YouTube videos? I tried tagging a Vimeo video and it didn’t play for some reason.

Appreciate any advice.

Hey Chris,

Will these new iguide tags be a ‘paid add-on’ feature or come standard on all iguides?

Can you please confirm, thanks.

iGuide and iGuide community, does anybody know if Tags will be coming out with a “hover tag” feature anytime soon? Hover tag feature = small pop-up box that appears upon mouse-over of a tag. Like in this example shared by @Kreece in another forum thread: https://www.inabuggy.com/McEwan-DonMills-Toronto-GTA--Grocery-Delivery--S50

I have a potential client who just completed an office remodel and wants to re-do their 3D tour (previously done with Matterport), highlighting their different products and linking users to product pages where they can actually make a purchase. I’ve sold this potential client on the superiority of iGuide on every point except for the Tagging - in their current Matterport tour, you can preview the contents of a tag very seamlessly, with a simple mouse-over/hover action; currently, iGuide requires you to click the tag to view its contents, which disconnects you from the tour and onto a separate pop-up page, which is a significantly more cumbersome experience for most users who are “just browsing.”

To try to fix this, I put together some very simple CSS primarily that effectively creates a hover box, however I stopped when I realized that I am not able to attach the style to the iGuide tag itself, only to the contents subordinated to that tag.

The mouse-over hover tag would be a massive improvement and it’s fairly simple to do. Would love to hear if anyone else is also in need of this functionality and/or if there are plans from iGuide to include it (and if so, when? :slight_smile:) I’m including my half-completed demo code here in case anyone from iGuide wants to use it for this feature request: hoverCSS.docx (13.5 KB)

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Thanks for the input! We are currently working on the hover feature, but the details haven’t been finalized. There will be an update very soon and I’ll probably show it off on a master class webinar. :wink:

Love to hear that! Thank you.

Hi there, this feature will be awesome… following

I too, am really looking forward to this. But it does need to have a hover and or small window that opens. I have marketing material ready to send out but waiting for this to be finalized (wish it was a few weeks ago ) with all these business under lock down this will be an easy sell with proper tags.

Great job Chris, when can I test it out.

Exciting update which our clients are starting to test out. Once out of Beta and launched @Chris could we have a small video showing how to create/edit tags that we can share with our clients? Thanks

Hello from Switzerland,

I’m new to Iguide and just made my first tour. So far I’m impressed with the capabilitie, accuracy and support.
I had a first try with the beta tag editor. I fiddled around in it and managed to tag what needed to be tagged.
It was not as intuitive as I hoped it to be, but for now I figured out how to get it done.

I have a few suggestions towards future improvements.

• Bigger or editable tag size and relevant to the distance of the viewing point.
• Have an option for a blinking tag to get the attention of the viewer.
• Have them appear on the floorplan from the start and not only after clicking the icon.
• Being able to choose the color of the background in the text field of the tag
• Being able to choose the size of an embedded video so that the tag will not open to big.
• An option to get a popup mini tag presentation when hovering over the tag point
• Being able to put a title above the tag, like click here or just the actual tag title

Kind regards

YES! I’ve been thinking a lot of the same things. Particularly more visible tags. They can be difficult to spot.
The tags are a great and long awaited addition to iGUIDE, but there is always room for improvement :slight_smile:

The tags feature is still in beta and they’ve been asking for feedback. Get that feedback in to help make tags as useful as possible. :+1:

Hi everyone,

Just letting you know that iGUIDE Tags now preview on hover!
Thanks, as always, for your feedback and suggestions.


This is great news! The hover function works nicely - the size of the hover window is appropriate and I like the semi-transparent background. I have two pieces of feedback that I think would make it even better:

  • On mobile (in Chrome and Safari, at least), the hover box scroll bar does not appear unless it’s touched. Some of my hover boxes have more text/images in them, and you wouldn’t know there was more content unless you actually clicked on the box to activate the scroll bar, and only then can you scroll. In desktop browsers, the scroll bar is readily visible which I think makes for a better user experience.
  • It would be very cool to upload an image for the tag (with circle crop), instead of just the circle option. It’s nice that there are different color and opacity options for the tag, but I was imagining uploading my own business logo for the tags (see attachment - it lends itself pretty readily as a tag :slight_smile:)

Other than that, very pleased with this new addition that will allow me to win one client in particular. Thank you so much for the speedy turnaround on this feature request. It’s nice to feel heard. :slight_smile:qLogoBW_designFile_60px

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